Freak fall snowstorm

Written by ldb

Well, we’ve finally recovered from the October Nor’easter that brought 6-8 inches of heavy, wet snow with it.

I was caught off-guard by the storm because the weather forecasters had predicted that we wouldn’t see snow until evening, and then only a couple of inches were likely to accumulate. And, to tell the truth, I was just mentally not on board with snow in October. I kept thinking we wouldn’t get anything. Boy was I wrong!

It was pretty for a couple of hours. The snow juxtaposed with fall foliage. Then it really started coming down… and sticking! What? Isn’t it supposed to just melt?

Pretty soon I heard *snap*crack*crash all over the neighborhood. Tree limbs weighted down with snow started to give way. And they took power lines (and telephone and cable) with them. Our power went out at about 2 on Saturday.

I had completely lost my opportunity to do last minute shopping for supplies. It was really dangerous outside. As my husband was driving up, large branches crashed into the road in front of our driveway, completely blocking the street. Thirty seconds sooner, and they would’ve hit the car.

The next day was sunny and beautiful so I walked around the block to see the carnage and take a few photos.

We didn’t get power back until Wednesday night. Tuesday my son and I went to the mall to be somewhere warm and light for a while. PSE&G (the local power company) was using the parking lot as a staging area for dispatching repair crews. We saw a stream of trucks heading out to do repairs that included trucks from Georgia and Florida. I literally teared up. Our situation was not that bad all things considered. We had hot water and could cook on the stove top. The tough part was that it was cold and it got dark so early. I would walk around the house with a flashlight in hand, and still flip on the light switch! Life would be so different without all of the modern conveniences that electricity makes possible. Central heating alone is an amazing gift.