N’Orleans y’all

Written by ldb

Dudes! I went to New Orleans for spring break!

Granted it was my kids’ spring break.

But New Orleans is a great city with all manner of things to do and see.

We went for the French Quarter Festival which is a free (yes, free!) three-day music festival. Awesome! Stages of varying sizes were set up all over the French Quarter. Interspersed were stands selling all of the cuisine and libations that the city is known for. We had some of the best jambalaya, po’boys, beignets, crawfish, alligator sausage and more. The best part was that the portions were not huge, super affordable and we could get a lot of different things so that everyone could have a taste. Drinks, alcoholic and non, were super tasty and refreshing.

Oh wait, the music! The music was amazing. There were all different styles of music, all with a little – or big – dash of local flavor. My favorite act was The Revivalists. All in spite of the 90 degree weather we were enduring in our East Coast “spring” clothes – which meant jeans, dark colors, and long sleeves. We couldn’t get into our room to change until late in the day. As we walked into the French Quarter we encountered Doreen’s Jazz. Doreen plays a mean clarinet and her band is fabulous. They were still there when we were heading back that evening. I don’t know how they play that hard for that long.


The other really memorable act that day was Russell Batiste’s band with Jason Neville. They brought out the Mardi Gras indians!

Jason Neville
This was a great high-energy show!
The next day we started out at the incomparable Cafe du Monde. Properly caffeinated and sugared-up we went forth to enjoy the music.

eating at the french quarter festival
Food so good! Must eat more.
The next few days we toured the rest of the area.

We got out of the city to see the bayou. Along the way was a lot of Katrina-damaged city that was never repaired or reclaimed. These folks moved away and never came back. Very sad.

Later 'gator
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