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Written by ldb

It was inevitable.

I just saw a commercial for a commercial.

It is well known that much of the anticipation of the Super Bowl involves the commercials. It is a tried and true vector for clever ads and campaigns. Do companies really need to advertise the fact that they are unveiling a new commercial that night? I don’t think so. In fact it completely undermines the whole anticipation factor.

This is so odd. Just like movie trailers cannibalize the best moments a movie has to offer, often to great disappointment and regret over having spent $10 or $12 to learn that, these crazy little commercial trailers must offer up the best moments the commercial has to offer… out of 60 seconds. Weird.

This signifies a paradigm shift for Superbowl advertising. This is going to look clumsy and ham-handed in a few years, but a commercial for a commercial is just the beginning of something. Not quite sure what it will build into yet.

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