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Feeling like Charlie Brown today.

Lion dancer
oh mr. red sweatshirt, why did you step in my shot?

Hapless and ineffectual despite efforts to the contrary. I was taking some pictures in Chinatown during the firecracker celebration (helps ward off evil spirits) – just for fun, it was super crowded and you could not get a shot without a ton of people or random, bad backgrounds – when I blew not one, but two, great opportunities for fantastic shots of the lion dancers who visit each merchant in the area.

The first was a lion crew headed straight for me on the sidewalk. And I went into auto mode, snapping photos without really looking at my scene. I ended up with potentially good shots but they have random heads and shoulders in weird spots.

lion crew visits noodle shop
blurry much?

The second was in a noodle shop where we had the good fortune of being patrons at the the time the lion crew visited. I failed to reset the camera for auto or program mode and took quick pictures in the settings I’d set for an outdoor shot. bah!

Lessons learned – take a deep breath, check your settings, check your viewfinder, but don’t take too long – just that extra half-second.


chinese new year

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