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Written by ldb

I’m feeling a little Seinfeld coming on…

Hey you on the subway platform… with the tag on the sleeve of your nice new coat. Or even not so new.

label on sleeve
I'm wearing Calvin Klein!

Please remove it. Not the coat, the tag. I am so happy your coat is a fine merino wool or from Calvin Klein, but now that it is out of the store, the tag should be removed.

I don’t know if it is the expectation people have of wearing a designer’s name or symbol on every bit of clothing and even more so for accessories. Or if it is the fact that the tag is stitched on, not attached with a little piece of plastic. Or maybe it’s a sort of ghetto thing like the guys who leave the stickers attesting to authenticity (and cost) on their baseball caps. But more and more I am seeing people, men and women, walking around with these crazy tags still affixed to their sleeves. People, that tag is not required wearing, it is meant to be taken off once you get home. Show some class.

While you are at it, take out the stitch holding the kick panel in place.

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