Creative Moods

Written by ldb

I love music that creates a mood. There is something transcending and transportive about certain compositions. We traveled to Morocco a while ago and the first part of the trip was a little stressful – new culture, lack of sleep, caring for my 20-month-old nephew who kept looking for his mum. We arrived at our second destination, really just a pit stop before crossing the mountains on our way to the Sahara, and there was a man playing “folk” music on a stringed instrument (someday I will find out more about this) and it was so lovely, peaceful and calming that it really helped reset everyone and the rest of the trip was fantastic.

Isla by Portico QuartetThe new CD, Isla, by Portico Quartet is like that. Every time I listen to it it takes me somewhere in my head that is not always super accessible. I feel really inspired and creative approaches to current projects seem to just flow out of my brain. I love this. And it’s really addictive.

Isla by Portico Quartet

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